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How I became an UnderArmour Boy! BLOG BY PRAKHAR GUPTA

How I became an Under Armour Boy!

My love for UNDER ARMOUR started when I came to the United States of America 3 years ago. I used to wear other brands at school and in town. At that time, I didn’t know anything about how people dress up in America and what brands do they prefer. After spending some time in school, I saw a pattern which was confusing to me initially. Everyone in my class used to wear this brand called Under Armour. I came home one day and asked my dad; what brand was that?

My dad told me that the brand is called Under Armour, one of the most famous brands in America that manufacture footwear, sports, and casual apparels.

That was the time I started my journey with Under Armour. I have been wearing Under Armour apparels since then. I have become a die-hard fan of Under Armour’s products as the quality of the apparels is amazing. The best part is that people appreciate my clothes and style and I am known as the ‘UnderArmour’ boy these days.

Some of my favorite Under Armour items are SC Basketball Shoes, Jerseys, T-ShirtsHoodies, Shorts, Hats, Backpacks, and Water Bottles. Under Armour not only makes the best basketball shoes in the world but also makes trendy and latest fashion clothes, this is my experience.

In my view, Under Armour is the best casual apparel brand in the world in my opinion. Everyone should wear Under Armour especially all the boys who love to wear casual smart and trendy clothes.

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